Home Benefits

Benefits of Home Insulation

Insulating your home offers significant benefits to you as well as the environment. Some of the benefits are:

Energy Saving

When you heat your home, the warm air is constantly trying to escape through the floors, walls, windows, doors and the roof. Consequently, your home heating system has to work overtime to replace the escaped warm air and consumes more energy. This ultimately leads to excessive energy bills. Insulating your home can reduce heat and energy consumption by up to 50%, offering greater warmth and up to 20% reduction in energy bills.

Environmental Benefits

The heating system of a home that is not properly insulated consumes more energy and fuel, unnecessarily utilizing precious natural resources. Further, greater carbon emissions occur as the system is constantly working to warm your home.

Maintenance Benefits

Properly insulated walls and pipes are beneficial in the long-term maintenance of your home. It almost completely eradicates the formation of dampness and condensation on the structure avoiding mildew and the requirement to repaint or re-plaster your walls.